Accept Donations &
Eliminate Hours of Paperwork

With a 5-minute setup, you can have reliable debit & credit card processing, recurring donations, crowdfunding, automatic tax-receipts, and real-time analytics.

Accept donations online.

Simplify your paperwork

Eliminate hours of bookkeeping each month by using Automatic Tax Receipts.

Broaden your donor base

Your organization will appeal to a wider audience, bringing in more donations (and spending less time focused on it).

Increase donation size

Offering your donors another avenue to reach you will boost the size and quantity of the donations your organization receives.

Highight event-based giving

Your donors are more likely to give if they know exactly how the gift will be used.

You've heard about Instagive...

... so have your members. Now is the time to leverage our name recognition.

Be the Hero for your Organization

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, your audience needs a way to stay connected to your organization. They want to:

  • Donate Anytime

    Your members may feel the need to give on a Friday night while they are in their pajamas, or maybe first thing when they wake up. By using Instagive, you won't miss out on these intents.

  • Donate Anywhere

    At home. At work. At the grocery store. Every time is the perfect time for someone to give to your organization.

  • Donate to a Thoughtful Cause

    The evidence is clear — donations increase when the donor knows where the funds are going. Be mindful and keep your stakeholders in the loop.

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How much is Instagive?

Instagive is free to use for an unlimited period of time. Our rates are 1% + $0.30 per transaction. On our paid subscription, rates are lowered to 0% + $0.00 per transaction.

  • Optimized Giving Page

    When you register for Instagive, your giving page can be pubilshed instantly. We have spent the last 7 years optimizing it for maximum donations.

  • Automated Tax Receipts

    In January of each year, we send out the donation receipts, which are IRS/CRA compliant. In the admin area, you can issue these receipts on an individual basis at any time.

  • Advanced Analytics

    By using our measurement tools, you will be learn the optimum times for giving, as well as the most attractive Causes to your base.

“Instagive saves our small team hours of work each month and support is always speedy and helpful.”

You've heard about Instagive...
it's time to give it a try.

Reliable online giving solutions for your donors.

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